New Look For Blog…

….Like the new look?  Sometimes I just need a change.  Actually I was trying to add more widgets to the other theme, and it just has too much trouble with them, so I thought I would try a new look.  I think I like the set up.  Two columns to put widgets in instead of one.  Eek!  And I can even put my own header on this one, so you all might recognize the parfait “family” hand dyes from a post I wrote last week.

The other thing happening today is that I had better luck this morning re-discharging my black cotton.  Fresh dish detergent can sure make the difference, although I still thought it bleached slower than it should have.  Maybe I’m not getting enough on the cloth.  Sigh.  But I got it done and my borders are now on the sample I was working on, Rosa and Friends.  You’ve seen it before, but not like this.  The light is not the greatest and I will do a better photo later.  It still needs quilting and binding and the like, but I really like the discharged black for the borders.  I like it better than anything else I auditioned.  I also plan to do a smaller sample with sunset colors for the background.


  1. The borders are wonderfully lush looking and perfect for a horse quilt.
    I do like the new header too. That and the widgets are all the new things I need to learn on my new blog.

  2. Kathy,

    I love your new fabrics on your header! Keep up the great work. And the horses, well, the sky is so real. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. Love the pice Kathy! So, the outside border is discharged with dish detergent? Email me/tell me how you did it? I really love the colors of the entire piece. Did you dye all of it?

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