Black Cotton Sateen…

….Yummmm….black sateen is so nice. I was told by a fellow artist that the black sateen that Joann’s carries discharged to whites and greys….not so! Maybe it did at one time, but not anymore.

I went outside early this morning to do some discharge. Early…meaning I waited til daylight and went out about 7 a.m. By 8 a.m. I was dripping with sweat so I quit for the day. But I remembered that I wanted to do a screen design with dishwashing liquid. Well…now I’m hooked! Gotta get some more sateen!

Black cotton sateen discharged by screening automatic dishwashing liquid through screen with soy wax design.

New Look For Blog…

….Like the new look?  Sometimes I just need a change.  Actually I was trying to add more widgets to the other theme, and it just has too much trouble with them, so I thought I would try a new look.  I think I like the set up.  Two columns to put widgets in instead of one.  Eek!  And I can even put my own header on this one, so you all might recognize the parfait “family” hand dyes from a post I wrote last week.

The other thing happening today is that I had better luck this morning re-discharging my black cotton.  Fresh dish detergent can sure make the difference, although I still thought it bleached slower than it should have.  Maybe I’m not getting enough on the cloth.  Sigh.  But I got it done and my borders are now on the sample I was working on, Rosa and Friends.  You’ve seen it before, but not like this.  The light is not the greatest and I will do a better photo later.  It still needs quilting and binding and the like, but I really like the discharged black for the borders.  I like it better than anything else I auditioned.  I also plan to do a smaller sample with sunset colors for the background.