What I Did Saturday

I took a shortcut while I was getting the shop ready to open. Being so busy, I thought maybe I could get by. But I was not satisfied with sliding by….so I took everything down and did what I should have done in the first place!!!. I painted a big gray stripe across the wall to camouflage the boards and the conduit.




It looks soooooooo much better!

Studio Happenings

Remember the gray partial wall I painted? I put it in to block the view from the front door to the laundry tubs in the back. It also serves another purpose…I can hang things on it! Here are three of my newest printed scarves. One is screen printed and the other two are printed with wax. The blue one has sold, but the other two are still in the shop.


My front window and tree:


I sold lots of soap and most of the brightly painted furniture during the Grand Opening. Lots of locals came in and several asked about and signed up for classes.

Merry Christmas from Sands Studio!



Christmastime at Sands Studio

I am probably the last person in town, but I finally got my Christmas tree up and decorated. It took me a few days. The tree has 100 parts, I do believe. It might be for sale after Christmas. Contact me.

We are getting ready for the the final event of the season, our Grand Opening in conjunction with Artisans of the Lower Wabash 5th annual Studio Tour. This weekend, December 14 and 15. Purchasers get to put their names in a drawing for a special gift from my work. Merry Christmas!





First Day Open

I opened the shop today.  Another consignee came this morning. Her art really brightened things up! Look at the cute rocking chairs and stool.





Funky House of Lydia also makes soy wax candles with “buried treasure” in them. The treasure is a piece of nice jewelry!

Sneak Peak

Partial view of the “shop” area. I have been painting the gray walls and starting to hang things. I also got some waxing done on scarves last week. I hope to open on November 19. My first class is scheduled for Saturday, November 23. Join us!



Go around the corner into the studio workspace. I got a divider wall when I realized that as one comes in the front door, they could see all the way back to the big laundry tubs. Eeek! Not a pretty sight. It looks so much better now.

Sands Studio

Work is commencing….

New area rug to brighten up the shop part.


Pink and orange interlocking matting…to cushion tired feet…


My TWO eight feet long print tables…what more could a girl ask for?


New Studio Space

Work is commencing this week on the move into the studio. I have moved three van loads to the place, with more to come. I have space to get organized!


This is one view of the studio/classroom space. I need to paint a wall in the shop part yet, and there is cleaning to do. After a few hours of work, the couch sure comes in handy. 🙂

View of the studio front on Main Street.


Yes, it’s red.