Getting something accomplished!

I am always busy with something. My schedule is so overloaded, it doesn’t matter what I do, there is always something waiting for my attention. If I kept living according to that, I would never do some things I really want to do. For instance, take classes.

I have been taking some online classes in the last year sporadically, when I let myself. The newest one to capture my heart (and attention) is Shelly Sequinot’s Simplified Pattern Design on I was paying a small monthly fee, assuming I could get through one class a month. Well, that didn’t happen, but then they made a discounted yearly offer and I went for it and now I’m taking all the classes I can get to!

I haven’t made the project yet, but I have got the pattern made, and in a dozen different colors too. I am working in Illustrator which I have a great interest in learning. I have learned a lot in the last two classes of hers and now am taking this one. The project is to use the pattern you create to make a card, but there is so much more that can be done with these hand drawn patterns! I will be brainstorming. So here’s a sample…first I hand sketched the designs, then digitized them into Illustrator, then made the repeat patterns. Enjoy!PinkBlackTanYellowBlueLimePinkBlackGreenDkBlueRedYellowBlueGrapeGoldGreenBlueYellowRedBrownishBackgrndBlueBckgrndCreamBckgrndDkGreenBackgrndGreenishBackgrndGrayBackgrndPinkBackgrnd Click on any of them to get a better look. They should link to a larger sample and you can also view them in slideshow fashion.

This class is awesome and fun! Illustrator has a lot of cool tools to make changing colors on your patterns quite easy to do.

Here is the original design done created in the original colors.

Here is the original design in the original colors.

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