Making More Samples…

I am trying to finish up samples today.  I have fabric to paint and the afternoon looks like it will be warm enough.  This morning was cool as a cool front came in behind Ike’s wind and rain.  I showed this kimono block the other day, but now it is quilted and beaded with a few ceramic beads.  I didn’t want to make the whole wallhanging, but just  a couple of blocks to show off what the pattern looks like with my hand dyed fabrics.

This next one is made with just one fabric, a multicolored hand dye.  I used some heated Angelina film for the center decoration on the obi.


  1. Your kimonos look GREAT! I love your vibrant color choices and the machine quilting is lovely. What a delightful change from the predictable commercial oriental prints!
    Have you considered doing something more to the white backgrounds? To my eye, the plain background seems a rather stark contrast. Maybe something as simple as some white on white quilting to add a bit of texture.

  2. I love these with the hand dyed fabrics! So different from the usual fabrics used. Nice job.

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