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Not much to share. My husband was off work for two days as they were rained out of harvest. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t get any art done while he’s around. :=) Saturday we just worked around here, then took off for Harrisburg to shop at a different Walmart (I go to the local one more times than I care to count) and to eat Chinese and visit Radio Shack. Sunday I yelled at the kids in class at church ’cause they just wouldn’t shut up. They seem to think every time the teacher isn’t talking, it’s their turn. I still love ’em, God bless their little hearts, but some days I could just scream. They are very social little people. After that, home for lunch and the Traditional Sunday Afternoon Nap. I love that part.

Today, I am getting ready to leave tomorrow. My friends Susan and Robin will be driving home from Houston tomorrow. I am driving home to visit quilt guild, see a friend for her birthday, see my niece and nephew and maybe take them out for dinner, and then catch up with Susan and Robin. I will spend the night and we’ll party on Wednesday!! I do have to teach sewing this afternoon and make sure hubby has food, but I am looking forward to a couple of days’ break in the routine of life. We filled up the gas tank in the van for $2.59/gal. Woohoo! I couldn’t believe the cost was only $45. (It doesn’t take much to make me happy.) How boring my life must seem to most of you.

I’ve made my decision for entering “..Sticks and Stones…Words…” and I won’t be entering it in any shows that prohibit prior posting on a blog, so here is the finished (I think, but who knows?) piece. It’s very possible it could evolve from here. It measures 33″ x 42″, the largest piece I’ve done in quite awhile.


  1. I like it. I think it might be done. You should enter it in a fine art show.

  2. Seems very nit-picking not to allow work in competitions if it has been shwon on a personal blog. Power goes to people’s heads in pathetic ways sometimes.
    It is difficult in England to get textile art into Fine Art shows as it is still largely regardedc as craft, unless it is Very Big and probably has a Conceptual art element.
    Enjoy your break, like you i need to break my very happy routine about every 2 months or go stir crazy.

  3. Just a note…last year, 2007, I entered my work in two Arts council shows and was juried in, along with all the paintings. I also entered a piece in another fairly prestigious show in the area and was also juried in to that one. Textiles are and have been for some time gaining much recognition here in the states. My aim last year was to bring my work into the art arena in this area. I will probably continue to do that. I do agree, chillsider, that the more use of conceptual art elements there is, the better as far as acceptance in to the fine art shows. A local gallery shop also displays some of my work. The arts council exhibited a members textile exhibit in August/September this year. It was an awesome exhibit with 8 different textile artists’ work represented. I think the attending public was quite surprised and delighted.

  4. Now that I have seen it in person:), the picture just
    doesn’t do it justice!!!!!!!!!!
    Love it!!

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