A Bit of This and That…

Not much to share. My husband was off work for two days as they were rained out of harvest. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t get any art done while he’s around. :=) Saturday we just worked around here, then took off for Harrisburg to shop at a different Walmart (I go to the local one more times than I care to count) and to eat Chinese and visit Radio Shack. Sunday I yelled at the kids in class at church ’cause they just wouldn’t shut up. They seem to think every time the teacher isn’t talking, it’s their turn. I still love ’em, God bless their little hearts, but some days I could just scream. They are very social little people. After that, home for lunch and the Traditional Sunday Afternoon Nap. I love that part.

Today, I am getting ready to leave tomorrow. My friends Susan and Robin will be driving home from Houston tomorrow. I am driving home to visit quilt guild, see a friend for her birthday, see my niece and nephew and maybe take them out for dinner, and then catch up with Susan and Robin. I will spend the night and we’ll party on Wednesday!! I do have to teach sewing this afternoon and make sure hubby has food, but I am looking forward to a couple of days’ break in the routine of life. We filled up the gas tank in the van for $2.59/gal. Woohoo! I couldn’t believe the cost was only $45. (It doesn’t take much to make me happy.) How boring my life must seem to most of you.

I’ve made my decision for entering “..Sticks and Stones…Words…” and I won’t be entering it in any shows that prohibit prior posting on a blog, so here is the finished (I think, but who knows?) piece. It’s very possible it could evolve from here. It measures 33″ x 42″, the largest piece I’ve done in quite awhile.