Working, Working, Working

Last week I took advantage of the wonderfully mild weather to get out in the patio and work on silk scarves.  I screened on most of them.  I used deconstructed screen designs, glue designs, and paper resist designs.  Some of my breakdown screens didn’t print very long.  The new silk screens that Julia and I made worked well, but I see mine are starting to stretch a little.  Perhaps that is because I didn’t review Kerr Grabowski’s instructions before we  made them!  This throw together scarf design turned out to be my favorite.  Since I ran out of good breakdown prints, I used other screens and partial designs on it.  Another idea has emerged for me to use for future screening.  I love the contrast of a large bold design over smaller prints.

The other side of this scarf is a bit different, just because with printing by hand you can get lots of variety. This scarf was printed using all three of the types of printing I mentioned earlier. I’m having a great love affair with chartreuse and turquoise this summer, as well as all the blends in between the two that happen when one does not wash the screens between printing.  This scarf is printed on silk charmeuse.

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  1. I love this piece. Wish I could spend a day printing scarves with you.

  2. That would be awesome, Gerrie!

  3. Looks FABULOUS!!!

  4. Thanks Dale Ann!

  5. very nice. I too, love the bold design on the smaller designs. great looking scarf!

  6. you’ve really got a great thing going on here, very organic and I love the colors you used.

  7. Love your print!

  8. Lorie and Marjorie, thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

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