What I’ve Been Doing…

It’s been awhile again since I’ve blogged…I’m getting so lazy!

Update on the Arts Council show…I got a call last Wednesday that I have been awarded an Honorable Mention award…yeah for fiber! Rayna wrote me a nice note and said that this is extra special because this is recognition in an art show.  Thanks, Rayna.

Update on the Runaround Bag…I decided not to go with those antique buttons.  Instead…I think some fun, funky buttons are called for…

none 123

I have been dyeing some fabric to replenish my supply.  The multicolored ones sell pretty well for me.  The striped ones were hung on the clothesline and I poured the dye on them.  That was sorta fun if you can keep the dye off your toes…I may do more, mostly because I would like to use them myself.  I also soda soaked some white cotton and hung on the line…and guess what showed up?  The Japanese beatles swarmed the white cotton…go figure…they must like the soda ash.

none 124

Last week I prepared some discharged black sateen pieces to sell and to stitch on.

none 125

I will be making more of these…”painting” on black cloth with dishwashing gel is too much fun.


  1. Kathy,

    The buttons you chose for the bag are perfect!

  2. I love the effect of the black discharged fabric. I’m curious about the dishwashing gel…where can I find out more about that? Fabulous stuff!

    • Hi Dianne, I don’t know a lot of sources to point you to about the dishwashing gel. Just use it like a paint. Most of the surface design books out there do give a few pages to the discharging process.I screen with it, stamp with it (although hard to get really good discharge with stamps–can’t get enough on it), use a brush with it. Let it sit til it takes the color out where you like it, then rinse it. You are supposed to neutralize it so that it won’t keep bleaching. You can get that product from a dyehouse. It’s called Anti-Chlor. I have started a small book on strictly discharge dyeing, but never got it to print yet (money is a factor). Perhaps I can get a tutorial together and put on my blog. I do teach this process as a class when I can sell it. Hope this helps you some.

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