Today’s Experiments…

I am preparing to vend at a quilt show…I really am…so I am doing some experiments with making Angelina beads today…and other kinds of beads…here are my results.

Clockwise from upper left:  painted Tyvek beads—the tyvek was painted first with green and metallic gold, then the strips cut and rolled, then heated a bit (the heat makes the colors darker); painted Tyvek beads–this time the tyvek strips were cut first, rolled around a skewer and then painted with gold metallic paint (I think I like painting the tyvek first, then making the beads); next is beads made from Angelina film—I crinkled the Angelina film, then rolled it on the skewer and heated, on one of them I cut up bits of fibers, heated it and rolled it (these are very sparkly and shiny which you can’t tell so much since I didn’t use a flash for the photo); the purple beads are made from layers of Angelina fibers, which, the more you heat them, the deeper the color gets; and the last beads are made from a sheet of fibers with gold crimped Angelina on it (that’s why it looks hairy), rolled, then heated a bit (could be heated more to control the hairs).

It’s been fun! Now to find something to use these on.


  1. cool.

  2. Nice work. These are rather addictive, aren’t they?

  3. Hi Jan, Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, they definitely could be addictive and I really should sit around and make more of them to have on hand for my work! At the moment I am preparing for a show and needing samples which is why I made the Angelina beads…the others I have just had in my mind for a long time to make…so here they are…since I’m at it.

  4. I love your beads. I did a bunch of these a while back and had great fun. I like the fuzzies on the angelina beads.

  5. I have done a few of the shrink art beads but hadn’t thought of using tyvek–sounds like fun:) I saw the post with the beads added and WOW!

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