I  love what I do.  I love my work.  Looking at inventory after the past weekend, I decided I needed to dye a few more scarves and make a few more small bags.  I am almost out of the ArtFul cloth zippered bags.  And so this a.m. finds me printing cloth.  I have 11 ready to stitch!

Killing time waiting for them to dry (actually, I’m taking a break), I was looking at my favorite pages on Facebook and came across something everyone might be interested in. Linda Matthews has gathered 250 free handbag and tote pattern links from across the web all on one page.  There are so many cute bags on there!  Now I want to make some just for fun.  I have added the link permanently to my sidebar under her name, but here it is too. Free patterns for purses and bags.


  1. These are beautiful! I hope you post what you make with them.

    Darn, I can’t come this weekend. I’m busy both days. Let me know of other fairs or studio openings. I did not know about the one in New Harmony last weekend.

  2. I’ll probably be posting tomorrow…I am working on the bags now. There are no more events for me this year, Lynda. Not until the first weekend of May..that is Arts in Harmony. We’ll run into each other…in the meantime…I will just keep up with you on your blog!

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