I had to go to town today to pick up election supplies.  I am an election judge and will be serving Illinois voters tomorrow all day for the primary elections in.  It’s a long day, but worth it being part of the process and seeing how it works.

I made a pot of chili for tomorrow.  This recipe is from the CrockPot Blog that I joined on FB.  It’s excellent with cumin, garlic, chili powder, oregano, and a bit of red pepper.  The weather has warmed up here to about 35 degrees and the snow is melting…all that wonderful 3-5 inches we got this past weekend.  Now I have to get some handwork ready to take with me…it will be a long day and probably slow since it is a primary, so to stay awake, I must have something to do and reading makes me sleepy!

To everyone living in Illinois:

Vote February 2

It’s a privilege AND a duty.

I guess the only picture I have for today is FOOD!


  1. I just ate chili today… mmmmm I love chili! Have fun at the poles! You’re such a good citizen.

  2. Kathy, When you get a chance stop at my blog… I’ve got an award for you! ~Jaime

  3. Hi Jaime…as to the good citizen part…they pay me!

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