Tuesday Stuff

Yesterday it was rapidly ripening tomatoes I had to deal with…..

green tomatoes

Initial haul of green tomatoes brought in before the frost hit

….so I made a big pot of fresh tomato soup. With a little bit of cream, it was so good.

Today it is turnips.  Someone gave these to us…and look at the size of them!  I have to quarter them to be able to peel them.

humongous turnips compared to a quarter

mess of turnips...see the quarter...

I would rather be in the studio!  I have ornaments to make and art.

I did finish Flow #9 yesterday and today and it is ready for framing.  I posted a photo on FB, but I decided it needed one more thing.  Flow #9 has all kinds of stitching delight for those who want to come closer….

Flow series

Flow #9

I think I can see the actual threads in the cloth on this…I scanned it instead of photographing it.  That probably made the difference.  If you don’t follow me on Facebook, the new news is that the first Flow in the series sold at my exhibit this past weekend.  It was framed and behind glass.  It was a different size than others in the series. You can see it on the sidebar here on the blog.  All of the others are mounted on 12 inch canvases which have been covered with a soft gray Kona cotton before mounting the art.  I pondered whether the reason this one sold is due to the presentation of it versus the others.  Contact with the buyers revealed that they found it hard to choose which one to purchase so maybe it didn’t make any difference.  I will frame this one as it is a little larger than the others and will not mount comfortably on the 12 inch canvas.

The opening reception for Surface Matters is rapidly approaching on November 19th.