Is Your Right Brain Dominant?

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I just took a right brain/left brain quiz here and in 15 out of 20 questions, my right brain was dominant….which makes me VERY right brain dominant. The right brain is the creative, intuitive part. Which might explain why I can’t stay organized at all…

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Low Temps, Hot Soup, and Homemade Bread…

The temperature was in the teens yesterday, so I found it necessary to make another pot of hot soup.  This time is was hamburger-vegetable (with a bit of leftover chili thrown in for good measure).


Cold weather tends to make me very domestic at times, so….to round out the evening meal, I made some garlic cheese rolls and, since I had a hankering for some french bread,  I made that too, with the breadmaker’s help.  A pan of hot water in the bottom of the oven makes a nice chewy crust on the loaf.


As for art, I am piddling around thinking about things.  I have scheduled my first solo show at a gallery in New Harmony, IN.  It’s set for late 2011.  My theme is already decided, so now I know what I’m doing.  I am preparing for March quilt shows (what to order, how much, etc.) and a lecture and workshop.  I hear the weather will be warming the end of this week, so maybe I will get some dyeing done; that would be nice since it has been awhile.  I need to keep working on silk scarves since they seem to be selling well.  My sewing room is a wreck right now and there is nowhere to work; I had to clear out a table of stuff so my husband can get to the window…he is finishing and putting the trim back up.  These are jobs he does in the winter when his work is slow.  Ah well, spring is coming and it won’t be long.