Monday This ‘N That…

Not too much going on today. It has turned off cold here and spitting a bit of snow/drizzle.  I taught quilting today to two young girls.  Actually they are still piecing their quilt top.  But I did manage to sell 5 silk scarves today and gave one as a gift.  Now I must get to work and get more done for this weekend.  That is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Here is the one I gifted to my friend Michelle for a Christmas present.  It is lovely silk charmeuse, very rich.  I stamped it first, before adding the other colors of dye, but the stamping can barely be seen.  I think it turned out very lovely and wasn’t looking forward to parting with it, but….I told her to choose, so there you go!


Well, it’s December 1 and the countdown to Christmas begins.

Dyeing Day…

Today I will be working on dyeing….silk scarves and probably some cotton in colors for the commission pieces. I need color swatches to show.

Here’s a scarf I made awhile back….stamped and monoprinted with dye, luscious, buttery, 19.5 mm silk charmeuse, measuring 8″ x 54″. If anyone is interested it is $32, and I’ll include shipping. Email me.


UPDATE:  This scarf is no longer available. Sold on 11/14/08.

Saturday Chit Chat…

My first post for October.  I’ve been here.  Trying to get some art done…and it went nowhere.  Then there are the days when I have so much housework to get caught up on and errands, that I can’t even think about making any art.  I’m doing good to just get things done.

I replied to a question on the quiltart list about leftover paint and also gave a link to a small piece of art.  Whew! You guys have all been going to look at it.  I was amazed at my stats after posting that.  The last time I had stats like that on a post is when I ran the “guess-how-many-dryer-sheets-are-in-these-tubs” contest.  I am thrilled so many came by for a visit.

Well, the only art productivity I feel I got done this week was the 12 silk scarves I worked on yesterday.  I used a slice of a pool noodle for a stamp and it worked wonders on some silk crepe that I hadn’t been pleased with.  Now they have some energy.  I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures of any of them yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I tried some new things like stamping and monoprinting on them, and I like how they turned out.  I also had several different kinds of silk that I had not tried before.  The silk charmeuse is soft, silky (of course), and basically rich and wonderful.  The flat crepe is light and airy, but shiny, and the silk satin seems to be  lighter version of the silk charmeuse.  Gee, now I’ve wet your appetite talking about all this lovely silk and I have no pictures.  Maybe I will get one right now, just for eye candy!  I also found a silk blouse at a yard sale this a.m., not to wear, but to do things with!

It’s almost evening here, but I think the picture turned out ok, enough to give you an idea.  That’s the silk charmeuse on the right. Yummmm….

I am doing these for the artisan’s fest next weekend at Carmi’s local festival. I don’t know if other areas do this, but around here, all the small towns have their local fall festivals.  One town has Mule Days; it’s going on this weekend (and there actually are mules there).  Another town has Dairy Days (but you can’t buy any dairy products there…I tried).  There’s Popcorn Days in another town and my town has Corn Days.  There used to be a Strawberry festival in another town, but I don’t think they have it anymore.  It was interesting to learn about all these festivals when we moved here.  Where we came from, there were homecomings at the schools, but not localized festivals named like these.  They still do cakewalks down here.  Does anyone do those anywhere else?  Let me know.