Sunday This ‘N That…

The last few days have been like one loooonnnnnnngggggg day. I was busy finishing up working on silk scarves, getting them cataloged, tagged and priced. Then I needed to pack the car with what I planned to sell at the bazaar Friday night and at the same time pack the car for the class I was to teach on Saturday. My brain started getting tired. There were last minute preparations for the class, handouts, notes, etc. I was so busy I forgot to get a picture of the first rust dyed crepe de chine scarf I made. It was quite lovely and of course, it sold Friday night. I actually sold quite a few scarves and am very pleased about that…so pleased, I am ordering more blanks! My scarf supply is pretty depleted at this point as I then consigned a dozen to the shop in Evansville. But I will be doing more rust dyeing. That crepe scarf was too yummy not to make more…and of course, I must have my very own, right?

When I got home last night after being gone the whole day, there was a message on my answering machine about a dessert being needed for a funeral. Of course, there’s no time (or energy at this point) to fix anything in a pan I don’t want back and I don’t have any discardable pans. I don’t keep a lot of stuff around here for the unexpected events like this, so to keep stress at a minimum, I bought some cookies at the dollar store and put in a disposable bag. We had church this morning and lunch with friends, then home to rest a little bit and “pack” my “dessert”. I usually do try to make something special, but there was too much going on this weekend. So tonight I am placing another pretty big scarf order to build my inventory back up. I have an art fair the first weekend of December, so that gives plenty of time to get more done. I will lose a couple of days with the Thanksgiving holiday. I am also hoping to get new art done.

Here is one of the lovely chiffon scarves I did. It has been dyed and discharged. 44″X 44″ silk chiffon. For sale for $45 if anyone is interested. Email me.


UPDATE ON 12/9/08:  This scarf is SOLD.