Farm Progress Show Follow Up

Dear Readers: In my haste to get ready, load up the van and get to breakfast on time yesterday, it never once entered my head to get the camera!  I’m just not in the habit of carrying it with me to meals…yet!  I am going to have to get advice from Gerrie since she always has lovely pictures of food and meals, even when they eat out.

But I can describe it for you…we had a fruit dish of bananas and strawberries, small stack of pancakes, sausage patties, hard fried eggs with a soft white cheese melted on top (never had that before!), juice and coffee.  Yes, it was another wonderful breakfast.  If anyone questions my infatuation with my breakfasts the past few days…let me explain.  My husband goes to work early and we don’t fix breakfast.  Every morning I have a bowl of bran flakes with soy milk and dried cranberries on top…that is it.  Being at the bed and breakfast this week was quite a treat as far as breakfast was concerned!  And someone else was fixing it…and it was way better than the continental breakfasts you get at a motel for the same price.

Anyway, I sold a few more scarves yesterday…that was very encouraging.  Right before I left, I worked on some large square chiffon scarves and was quite pleased with how they turned out.  Every day I draped a new one over my “dummy” to see public reaction.  The third one sold, and it was one I ran out of time on and planned on doing more to it when I got back.  The sale saved me more work!

scarves 006

scarves 009

I still have these two…the one that sold was a bit more reddish than the orange one above.  I discharged it the same way, but didn’t like the color so I overdyed it.  The discharged areas were more muted.  I also used the same screen print on it that the orange one has.  It is a Thermofax print of a picture of tree branches.

I’m back home now and need to re-stock my inventory…next art show is in two weeks.

Farm Progress Show

Here, reporting to you  (almost) live from the Farm Progress Show in cool Decatur, IL…there have been TONS of people come through the booths yesterday and today.  My ArtfulCloth Bags have been selling well, scarves not so well.  I’m pleased with my sales and hope to do even better tomorrow, the last day.  There has been interest in a particularly large wallhanging (Southwest Impressions can be seen on my website) and I am interested to see if there will be any followup in the form of cash or charge!

I have forgotten to take pictures of our extremely wonderful breakfasts we are being served at the B & B where I am staying.  Ah…there is one more morning…perhaps I will remember the camera tomorrow!  Fit for a king…this a.m. it was scrambled eggs with sauteed onions and green pepper and cheese gravy (or sauce), sausage patties, homemade biscuits, fresh peaches, juice and coffee. Mmmm…wonderful.  This B & B is situated in an historical part of town and the homes are very old here…like over 100 years old. I should get a picture of it too.

Signing off now…gotta get cleaned up and head up to my room…there aren’t very many three pronged outlets in a 100 year old house, so I am in the kitchen catching up on emails, blogs, and writing this.

Christmas Day

My husband and I have had a nice quiet day this Christmas day.  We attended a short Christmas Eve service last night and then came home.  This morning we slept in, then I fixed us a breakfast of orange juice, homemade biscuits and gravy, and bacon.  Sorry, no pictures of that.

In the past, our Christmas season has consisted of running to and fro between the homes of his family and my family and hoping for good weather.  I miss being with the kids this year, but we did talk to them on the phone.  They were pretty much on the run today too it sounded like.  But this year we stayed home, and it has been pretty luxurious, I must say.  We have been quite lazy, watching a movie and eating Christmas shrimp and nachos with chili-cheese sauce along with a nice glass of rose wine.  The movie was a bit bizarre, Will Smith in I Am Legend.  But we have another one lined up, the new Narnia movie.  I think I am enjoying this staying home idea.