Select Collections

Select Collections is an annual event hosted by the Evansville Museum Shop.  It is a unique shopping experience with selected vendors.  Here’s a few photos.

The entrance to the gallery.  The black and white printed pillows are mine.

My booth….and a short view down the hallway.

Julia’s wonderful dolls.  She also had some raku pins and some wrist bags.

Julia arranging things.

What I’ve Been Doing…Part 2

What have I been doing since last week?  Besides planning a short vacation trip in August with my hubby, my mind is trying to make decisions on what shows I will be doing this fall and what needs to be done for each of them.  I am vending at some art fairs and a couple of quilt shows. But first, a retreat coming up in August: I will be teaching free form machine quilting and vending.  I finished a new jacket sample this week, pattern by SuznQuilts. It turned out so cute!

none 135

My piece,…But Words Will Never Hurt Me (Sticks and Stones), hanging in the museum exhbit.  The opening was last Saturday and I received an Honorable Mention in the 3D category.  Can anyone tell me why that is?  I entered in the 2D category.  I sure would like to know how they arrived at an award in 3D.  A friend had a lovely huge sculpture in the show…I wondered how that made her feel? I would appreciate hearing any thoughts on this.

none 127

A call came from the Indiana Heritage quilt show from Bloomington, IN.  This is a fairly well attended 3 day show next March.  They wanted to know if I was still interested in vending.  I’ll give it a shot, although I’ve never done a 3 day show.  Should be fun, as long as the country isn’t in a spending depression by then!

Friday This ‘N That

It’s time to blog again and I feel a little bit lost as to topic. This week has mainly been a week of just doing a little of this and that and tying up loose ends on stuff. I can’t say that I have accomplished anything major.

I did manage to get a tote bag sample made up for a class in June so that I could deliver it when I went to Evansville on Thursday. You can see it at the bottom of the page, Classes In Evansville. I like how it turned out, all bright and cheerful. And yesterday I worked on blocks for another class I am planning for the fall, the 4 Patch Posy. You can see those blocks on the Coming Soon page. I have this group of girls from Indiana that are keeping me quite busy. You see, they have full time jobs, and they just love getting out for a day and coming to the shop, taking a class and learning something new. So it’s keeping me hopping, planning classes and making the samples. But they help out quite well. They choose the class and usually the date they can come. I just schedule it and get the sample made if I don’t already have one. Does anyone want to buy samples? I am getting quite a collection! I do schedule the classes several times to maximize the use of my samples.

I did do some playing around with some art earlier in the week. You see, I will be in a group exhibit at the Arts Council gallery in Evansville in August and have been mulling over what I will plan to put in and what I should make before that time for the exhibit. My workroom is full of scraps of cloth. I am such a hoarder. I even have started keeping the plastic tabs from potato bags, because when I look at them I think, I just know something can be done with that in my art! But my room (needs to be cleaned) has a tableload of “stuff” laying around so I played.

See? Discharged cotton, scraps of painted dryer sheet and painted white cotton with writing on it, a scrap of joint tape, black cotton, dyed paper. I must not forget the scrap of plasticized (from heat) onion bag. It was laying around…can’t let it go to waste. It’s too cool for texture. I really love the challenge of using my imagination and the scraps on my table. I think I could do it all day long and use up the scraps, but then I realize they multiply way faster than I can use them.

I am also working on this. I really like the red free motion zig zag stitching and I think I will find other ways to use this technique.

So what artsy things are you doing today?