Studio Happenings

Remember the gray partial wall I painted? I put it in to block the view from the front door to the laundry tubs in the back. It also serves another purpose…I can hang things on it! Here are three of my newest printed scarves. One is screen printed and the other two are printed with wax. The blue one has sold, but the other two are still in the shop.


My front window and tree:


I sold lots of soap and most of the brightly painted furniture during the Grand Opening. Lots of locals came in and several asked about and signed up for classes.

Merry Christmas from Sands Studio!




  1. It was so fun to be with you at your grand opening Kathy. I’m glad to hear it was a success! I think you should start a Facebook page for your shop to keep everyone alerted to what you offer and new things coming in! Just a thought…

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