Smooch Spritz

I said I would post a sample and here it is.  I played with the Smooch Spritz today.  These are inks in a small spritzer.  Kind of fun to play with but one has to learn control over the spray!

In the sample, I first sprayed over the Arabesque stencil from The Crafter’s Workshop.  I sprayed several colors.  I love the look of the sprayed ink on the paper. Then I made a paper mask in the shape of a bottle (some may think it is a gourd, but I tried hard to make it look like a bottle!).  I laid this down in various positions and sprayed over it.  I have 6 colors of the spritz.  I love the yummy yellow.  The Spritz has metallic bits in it, but that may be hard to tell from the photograph.  This was done on watercolor paper.  I will have to try it on fabric next.


  1. Sharon Eley says

    When you try it on fabric will you have to use bubble jet? Just wondering. Interesting affect. I enjoy how you “play and share”. Thanks, again.

  2. Sharon Eley says

    I have been meaning to ask how you created the tourquoise texture in the “Henri Matisse” piece, above right? I would enjoy knowing how you created this piece.

  3. Hi Sharon, The Henri Matisse you are speaking of is referring to a quote. I believe you are referring to “Words Will Never Hurt Me #2”. The turquoise designs were made using silkscreens. There are actually two designs on here. One is created with melted soy wax directly drawn onto the screen. Then I pushed dye paint through the screen. The horizontal design was made by making a stencil from freezer paper. I cut out stone shapes, laid it against the back of the silk screen, then ran dye paint through it to print. The stone shapes were so “flat” that I came back in with paint on each “stone” to give them a dimensional quality, then I also used the paint in the vertical design too. The thing about using transparent dye paint is that my beautiful turquoise color changed when applied to rust dyed cloth. It became more green-blue. Adding the paint helped bring the turquoise color back in to play as well as providing dimension to the stones.

  4. As far as setting the inks, I won’t use Bubble Jet Set. My distributor says that simply heat setting with an iron is sufficient.

  5. One more thing, I noticed the inks set really nicely on the paper. I wet my finger and tried to make them run, but they don’t. I was under the impression these were not acrylic inks, but maybe I am wrong about that. I am having a hard time finding out online. The dried finish tends to make me think they might be.

  6. You really tempt me to try the Smooch products.

  7. Hi Trece, I’m pretty impressed with them…like I said, they seem to seal pretty well, on watercolor paper anyway…with a wet finger, they don’t smudge. I do like the spray look and simply don’t want to mix paint all the time into bottles to do spray techniques with. These are very nice pigments. And the colors are very saturated which I like.

  8. Pretty neat! And they do look like bottles!

  9. Hi Lynda, I was also thinking those shapes looked like gall bladders too…remembering my x-raying days….lol!

  10. Wow! I love this! It sounds really went to lot of work to achieve these results, but I think it was worth it! Bravo

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