So I went to Paducah this week.  I changed things up a bit this year.  I only went for one day and it was Tuesday! (The quilt show starts on Wednesday.) But Tuesday is the day to go downtown and see Fantastic Fibers at the Yeiser Art Center….and visit the downtown stores and see friends…

That looks like a realty sign up there on the roof of the gray building.  I wonder who that is up there for?  People flying overhead?

I recently made a new online friend named Deborah Bein who somehow managed to get three pieces of her fiber work juried into Fantastic Fibers.  Three is quite an accomplishment for this show!  She asked me to take some photos of her work for her, and I don’t think she would mind if I shared one here.

"Broken Promises" by Deborah Bein

I took photos for a Facebook friend, Marijke van Welzen, of her artwork that was in the show too.

"Green" by Marijke van Welzen, Netherlands

Isn’t this gorgeous?!

I don’t usually visit the quilt museum when I go to Paducah, but this year, there was an exhibit from the U.K. called ACCENT that I wanted to see especially since I wasn’t staying for the quilt show.  I made notes of ideas and compositions that I liked.  I like to study the pieces that interest me and jot down things I like about them.  Get information and see photos of the exhibit here.  ACCENT is on display until June 12.

My friend Julia went with me.  We had a wonderful Mexican lunch at Los Amigos and in the afternoon spent time drinking iced coffee at McDonald’s while we critiqued all the quilts in a book that Julia bought.  Fun day and I didn’t spend too much!


  1. Love the quilted jacket. Two years in a row that I missed going to Paducah with you. Perhaps next year?

  2. Envious!

  3. Looks like a beautiful exhibit. Sorry I missed it!

  4. I sure hope you get to go again, Susan. I miss you!

  5. I’m going to Paducah in June, just in time to catch the last day of the UK show, in which several of my friends – and one especially dear friend – have pieces. I will be there for a week and am looking forward to it…when it is quiet there.

  6. Robin Walston says

    I loved the UK exhibit and was disappointed they didn’t have a show catalog or even any info about the exhibit. Enjoyed the Paducah show even though my traveling companion couldn’t make it this year. Worked two days at the Quilting Books Unlimited booth and that was a great experience. Because I was working, I got to get into the show early on preview night and I saw all the quilts without jostling from the hordes. It was wonderful.

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