I am packing the van today because I have been freaking out that I won’t get everything in it.  Ahhh… IS going to work.  I have so many totes and stuff to take to Bloomington that I have been plotting as to how it was all going to fit.  I am not totally finished with everything…still have some fabric to paint and hand dyes to iron, but the biggest part is done.  Now I just have to get my suitcase, a stool and a small cabinet in there, but it’s going to work without having to block the window of the passenger seat in the front! It is packed tightly, but I will sleep better at night now. Just two more days before I leave…

For your viewing pleasure today…a silk scarf that I wrapped around a jar or a tube and dyed, then I stamped it with washers.  The idea was that the washers with the scarf being still wet, would “bloom” as I stamped it and look more soft and “floral-y”…of course by the time I got to the other side I was concentrating so much on design that I didn’t notice the scarf was dry.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the nice “bloom” I wanted, but I still like the scarf.


  1. Ah, the unpredictability of dyeing and printing! Looks good anyway.
    Re: my quilt backs – nah. I bought the bolt of fabric to use for backs but used it instead to cover my studio tables. I hated it. This is just a little bit that is left and I’m seeing if I can transform it so I like the bits better.

  2. Rayna is right. This is a beautiful result and I always love the serendipity of working with dye and fabric.

  3. Thanks, you guys… I always learn something and this time was no different…the scarf will dry before I get to the other end of it!!! Next time I will be looking for ways to keep it damp as I work!

  4. I know, bring it to my house, do your stamping in my greenhouse, I’ll turn on the misters and while your there you can help me plant 245+ tomatoes! ok? 🙂

  5. Oh, ur too funny, Jaime!

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