New Work…

Remember a very peaceful red/blue-green piece I was working on a few weeks ago?  Well, I  decided it was too one-dimensional… so I painted a very diluted layer of black paint on it.  I like layers.  It still wasn’t done, so I rolled some white gesso over the black paint.  Too much white streaks..still wasn’t done and didn’t have a name either.  I got out the paintstiks and brought some color back in over those two layers…AND got a name!  Now it’s finished and ready for the Arts Council exhibit.


Weathered Places

I have to say, after working on this piece, Linda and Laura Kemshall’s practice of working everything out on paper first makes a ton of sense.  It got pretty scary adding subsequent layers to this piece after all the quilting was done.  I knew it wasn’t done, so I took the plunge, but it did almost take my breath away and make my heart race.  I haven’t developed the practice of planning ahead of time…that just doesn’t seem to be the way I ‘m working right now, but sometimes I felt like I just had a very close call…


  1. But it is only fabric!! I work very spontaneously – I love the serendipity of what if. That is what you accomplished. Lovely piece.

  2. Thanks, Gerrie. Yes, but it’s not only fabric…it’s all that TIME I put into it too!!!!! I too love the serendipity…but maybe I handle it better BEFORE quilting!

  3. Oh yeah…add to that the deadline…as this quilt is going off for the arts council exhibit this coming Saturday, the 21st. Not enough time to start another if this one failed. That made my “explorations” scary too. But I am so happy everything has resolved….now to get a label on it and the slat for hanging…

  4. oh, you’re doing fine with just plunging in. It’s nice to have a plan, but Gerrie’s right–it’s only fabric. If one part had gotten messed up, you would have found a way out. BTW, I’m not big on planning in my work…if I make sketches, some of the spirit of the piece ends up there instead of in the piece.

  5. Thanks for that vote of confidence, Barb. I do appreciate it. I wonder if I would lose interest if I planned it and sketched it. Probably.

  6. This is wonderful. I love how it grew up!

  7. Thanks, Denise. Validation from you other artists is always good.

  8. Kathy,
    It turned out wonderfully! and the name is fantastic. I don’t plan ahead either and don’t know that I ever will.
    You don’t have any other vices and sometimes you just need that adrenaline rush!!! Enjoy it and good luck on the show.

  9. Hey Robin…I do have another vice…..chocolate. Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

  10. Stunning! Love the colors! Good luck on the show!

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