New Series in Paper

Last week I was working on getting some things ready to sell.  I often do events in New Harmony, IN  and have a lot of photographs from that historic tourist town.  I decided to start a series of collages from photographs that might be appealing to visitors to the area.

Stories of New Harmony:  Brick, log cabins mixed with modernity.

Stories of New Harmony #1

Stories of New Harmony #2

Stories of New Harmony #3

Stories of New Harmony #4

Stories of New Harmony #5

Stories of New Harmony #6

Stories of New Harmony #7


  1. So interesting!

  2. Another great idea. Have you considered doing other notable areas? This might mean a road trip for you…

  3. great idea,, how did you present them, framed, matted??? fabric.. Curious how they were received, bought.. I live in a small town, in Ca. and it might be a nice idea for our Sierra Art Trails Annual Studio Tour in Oct. thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks, Susan! No, I haven’t thought about other areas yet…just where I’m working right now.

    Vivian, These measure 3″ x 4″ and I have mounted them on some 6″ square matboard that I bought cheap…it was leftovers from cutting. If you scan them in the computer BEFORE putting gel medium on them (unless you know how to do it better than I), you can make nice prints in bigger sizes out of them. Which you can sell cheaper than the original work. This first batch I did, I put gel medium on them to protect the paper, of course, but the brush marks showed when I scanned and enlarged them. ;=( I didn’t like that at all and now I have learned my lesson. Scan before putting the gel medium on them.
    Yes, I think they are a great idea for an local art fair or tour. I actually don’t live there…I live a half hour away, but I thought these might appeal to the many tourists that visit the area. I was over there Saturday, but it rained on us, so I didn’t get to present and sell! I will try again this Saturday!

  5. These are a great idea Kathy! I think they would also make great postcards.

  6. These are great and Susan, love the idea of a road trip….I have a destination for you:)))

  7. Hey Robin…I can think of one too!!!!!! Thanks for the idea. I took a bunch of new pictures over there yesterday…now to load them on the computer and start on more! I’m even thinking the gallery might want a few.

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