New Mixed Media

This is for Sharon, who wanted to see what I was starting on.  Since I can’t post a #%$%^ photo on FB anymore, I am posting it here and will link to it on FB.

This is my base “canvas”.  It is a collage created of papers and cloth. My thinking on this is to use textures and patterns because over this will be gesso and paint and other layers before the piece is finished.


  1. Sharon Eley says

    Ooooo. I love it! Can’t wait to see how you make an evolution with gesso. Clever. So this is considered your “underpainting”? Love the different textures. Are these screen printed on cloth? Very interesting. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Hi Sharon, Some of these fabrics are commercial and some are gelatin prints that I didn’t really get excited about. The other key thing for me here is using up scraps! The top half is mostly paper which I will gesso and then paint and the bottom half is all cloth. It will be in the same vein as the other Compositions I have been doing. I use a very simple composition and I have been using inks and pastels on these also.
    I am much better today, thank you very much. I mailed your package, too.

  3. Really nice, Kathy. Look forward to seeing what this becomes!

  4. Sorry you got sick when you have so much to do…I went through that the week before. Now that your energy is back, WORK WORK WORK:))) How many days left?

    I am intrigued by your collage….

  5. Days left? Let’s see…I hang the exhibit next Wednesday, so a week from tomorrow. Exhibit starts Friday after that.
    This collage is just a base…it won’t look anything like this when I’m done. I am attempting to use up scraps and get some textures and patterns in to my layers.

  6. Robin, my messages to you at the hotmail address are coming back to me..why is that?

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