New Mixed Media Part 2

If you scroll down to the New Mixed Media post on October 17, you will see the beginning of a new mixed media piece.  I am going to go back to that process and show the next couple of steps and you will see it beginning to change and transform from the initial fabric and paper collage.

First stage: Gesso on the top part, then paint and some gesso on the bottom part

More paint on the bottom part, then oil pastels on the top part...a shape has been sketched in place

I love using oil pastels…I guess it’s the whole blending with my fingers attribute that I like.  I seem to be able to do it better that way than with paint and a brush.  It’s definitely more up close and personal.  With my finger I can make the pastel go where I want it.  I have even been known to apply liquid paint with my finger and rub it in.  Anything that gives me a bit more control and blending.

Now more elements are added and some ink lines...

And then it will sit while I decide what bothers me about it.  It is not finished.  More to come…stay tuned.


  1. Love seeing the building of your piece; thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, composer!

  3. Love watching the process.. is this on fabric or on paper,,, are you quilting it if this is on fabric.. vivian

  4. Hi Vivian, this is part paper and part cloth. I have it layered with a piece of felt and I will be stitching it before I add more paint. Thanks for your comments!

  5. I’m behind on blog reading! Your pieces are so cool!!! What inspiration!!

  6. Your work is stunning, Kathy!!!!

  7. Gerrie, this process is in the last issue of Quilting Arts…I think her last name is Solon or something like that. I’m going to tweak it and play with it some more.


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