My Blog Book

Well, I’ve gone and printed the first installment of my blog. I did it at and I must say I really like the quality of the book. They did a great job. This one is 54 pages and covers April through August 7, 2008. It will take several books to do the whole blog!  Please pardon the flash on the cover.


  1. This is so neat! I’ve wanted to do this but I’m not only any of the three that they work with. I’ve looked for other services but haven’t found them yet. Thanks for reminding me to try researching again.

  2. Hi Lynda, I am so glad you came by…because…I checked out your blog…what a wonderful blog you have. And it definitely should be published. I am going to link to you because I enjoyed it so much. I see you know Karen Hampton…she is a friend of mine too. I thought your blog was published by WordPress. Blog2Print does WordPress blogs.

  3. P.S. I LOVE homemade soaps…but I never have made it…I just buy what others make.

  4. Wow, can’t wait to see it. I hope you’re bringing it to lunch tomorrow!

  5. Hey Kathy, Thanks for dropping by my blog. My blog is a wordpress theme but not hosted by wordpress so they can’t do independently hosted blog. I pay to host so I don’t have wordpress in my url. Thanks for you kind words on my blog. Love all you stuff!

  6. I never knew this service was available, thanks Kathy! I’ve often thought of just printing out my stuff to my home printer, but this looks very nice. Are you going to Christmas in New Harmony?

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