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Does anyone else wake up in the morning with so many choices before you that you find it hard to choose your direction for the day?!  Some days that’s how I feel as I prepare for shows, classes, etc. And then there’s the things I would like to work on “just for fun”. I find it hard finding time for those…

I made another Runaround bag…it makes up so fast and easy.  This one is made with discharge dyed black cotton with another piece of my cloth and then adorned with  leftover chocolate button trim from Moda.

none 151

A piece of black cotton sateen discharge dyed in circles. I left the dishwashing gel on it for a long time, so it bleached out quite a bit.

none 150

And lastly, some small bags I have been making using deconstructed screen prints.  The prints are just the right size, and after layering and stitching them,  they make a cute makeup bag.

none 146

none 152


  1. You know I absolutely love love love the orange bag!! How did you accomplish so much discharge? It looks like dyed orange fabric due to the ratio of orange to black.
    Great job!

  2. Hi Robin, I will have to sit and stare at that piece of cloth to remember how I did it…I am thinking it is a monoprint. Brush the dishwashing gel on the table, make lines in it with your fingers (in this case I drew circles), then lay the cloth over the gel, press and wait awhile before lifting it.

  3. Oh YES, I wake up everyday having to choose which is the top priority. I am thinking I need to start saying “NO” more.
    LOVE your work and reading your blog!

  4. Hi Dale Ann, Thanks so much….for reading and commenting.

  5. I love the discharge work. And the bags are adorable. Was the discharged fabric on the bag the same as the fabric with the very bleached out circles? Beautiful.

  6. Hi Lori and thanks. I’ve just been over at your blog!…the discharged cloth the bag is made from is probably Kona cotton…the very bleached out circles fabric is a black cotton sateen I purchased at Joann’s. They discharge very differently. No matter how long it sits, I don’t think the Kona would ever bleach that light (well maybe if it sat two days!) The fun thing about discharge is you never know what you will get!

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