More Progress

I have been working this week…instead of blogging. I will be the featured artist at an event called Select Collection in November.  The organizer and promoter of the event wants to use photos of Fragments of a Life in her promotional materials.  Since I suspect that people will want to see those pieces at the event and since I’m not positive that’s my bestest work of the moment, I have decided to continue the series and have been working on some new pieces.

Fragments of a Life #5, pin basted and ready to stitch.

I have also been printing black and white cloth the past couple of days since I had a buyer interested in some.  The shortcut way is to use screen printing ink, but I want to do some folded pieces with dye.  The heat has been prohibitive here, being over 100 degrees yesterday and today, so I haven’t worked outside which is where I like to work with dyes.

If life stays out of the way, I think I can get lots done this month!

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  1. Ah yes, life happens while we are busy planning for it, doesn’t it?

    I really like all your new pieces and adore that first photo, #5. I didn’t know you had a feature show coming up, that’s great!! When and where, hopefully I can attend? I would love to if it’s not too far.

  2. Hi Jaime, the Select Collection event is at the museum in Evansville in November. I will keep you appraised. The dates are November 19 and 20. Kay Wiggins will also be a part of it with her basket work and there will be other artists/vendors there. I was contacted about being in it about two months ago or so.

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