More Painted Cloth…

This piece was done by stamping soy wax onto white cotton with a potato masher and the lid of a film canister.  Then I brushed turquoise and black dye paint on it making sure to get in all the little cracks and crevices.  I think I am going to brush other colors over the white areas.

For this design, I tore strips of freezer paper and ironed them to the back side of a screen.  Again, I used turquoise and black paint.

This is a screened design made with soy wax.  I used yellow and fuchsia dye, and also picked up some turquoise paint from the table.  These three fabrics all go together now.  I will have to be careful what other colors I add to the first one!

This one is made with the same torn paper screen, except that after printing the design in one direction, I turned the screen and printed it in the other direction too.  Looks like I used yellow and black dyes, maybe some turquoise.  The next one was done the same way, except with more turquoise and some fuchsia paint.


  1. I love your prints, especially the potato masher one! I just found a potato masher at our local Saver store… can’t wait to put it to use!

  2. a potato masher…what a gal! I love the creative items that you use in your art work.

  3. Alas…I wasn’t the first to use the potato masher…others came before me…

  4. The potato masher!! Cool idea! Reminds me of those cicadas or lady bugs running around.

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