Monday This N’ That

The fabric dyeing class on Saturday went well. I am now working on the sequel class which is scheduled for September 6. My plan is to teach a few more dyeing techniques, including discharge dyeing, then go on to dye painting and printing with the dye paint. It will be a full day.

But for today, I am going to do some dyeing for myself. I have been working with a wonderful, small piece of aqua green in my collages, and I find that I have no more to use, so it’s time to dye. Aqua blues and aqua greens, browns, some clothesline dyeing (where you get the neat lines), and maybe some painting. This week is a fairly clear week for me, so I will have lots of time to work with soy wax screening too. Yea! Pictures forthcoming later in the week.

I am also still working on a class sample for Sew Tech and find that I am going to need a small amount of more fabric, which was bought up by my friend. Since she’s my friend, I’m sure she will share a bit with me! The pictures of some of those blocks are on the Coming Soon page of this blog. It is turning out really awesome. The blocks are gorgeous. By the end of the week I will be able to post a pic of it with the setting triangles and partial borders.

New collages I worked on last week…I am definitely into a series of “Fragments of a Life”. Everything I do to a piece of cloth represents a fragment of my time, my imagination and my creativity. Every used dryer sheet represents a load of laundry done(!) and painting time. My handwriting is a fragment of my time and thought. Every stamp I carve and then choose to stamp on a particular piece takes time and thought. So, “Fragments of a Life” seems appropriate. Though these are small, 8″x 8″ and 10″x 10″ so far, I am having a great time with them. I will have lots of new small pieces for the upcoming show in August. I also have 2 larger pieces on the design wall I would like to finish and am getting some ideas of where to go with them.

Fragments of a Life #3

Fragments of a Life #4


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors.
    So is all the background layering from your stamping?
    What color was the original fabric, orange or beige? Are
    both pieces from the same background fabric? One is darker.

  2. I did use the same hand dye for the background. It was sort of beige, richer. There is more stamping on the second piece and it does appear darker I think because of that. I used my color tool to create a triadic color scheme. Layers are cotton hand dye, some pieces of white cotton with paint , other hand dyed cotton, painted dryer sheets (in the color scheme), stamping in different colors and different stamps. Then I added more if needed for balance. Screened some handwriting on it. Last layer is a photo on paper torn in pieces.(picture of trees in golden yellow and black). I love using the painted dryer sheets because they are good for layering, once you fuse them, they have an interesting texture and spotty coloring, but sheer.

  3. These look really good, Kathy. I bet they have even more depth and dimension when seen in person. Wonderful!

  4. Ha! You are channeling me. That is the title of a piece that I did last year. I first called it Fragments and then changed the title. It is currently at the PAQA south show. I love the series you are doing.

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