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I have lots to blog about because lots has been happening.  Last week I went on a quilt retreat.  I didn’t quilt very much because I usually do artsy things.  Do you receive the Cloth Paper Scissors Today email in your inbox?  Well, you should.  I got one last week with a project from Pam Carriker.  She has just come out with a new book  called Art At The Speed Of Life.  I was interested in doing the project on my retreat.  And especially since I have just finished a 4 week online course with Pam.

Here is how mine turned out:

This journal page started out using some pictures cut from magazines.  Then I began to draw over them with graphite pencil, adding color with oil pastels since I didn’t have any liquid paint with me.  I used poster paint markers and other pens to finish.  Not the greatest, but not too bad for the first try, I think. I also used some techniques and ideas from the journaling class.

Here are Susan and Robin from the retreat in our basement workspace.  They kept a secret from me for about 3 months…the secret was that Robin, who now lives in North Carolina, would be joining us.  I was SO glad she got to come. It was very good to see her again.

Our motley crew:


Yesterday, I hung an exhibit at the North Park Library in Evansville.  It is on Koehler Drive off of First Avenue.  Stop by and see it…I think it looks pretty nice!


  1. Kathy,
    Your exhibit looks very nice! I hope you get a lot of interest in your art there.

  2. Very nice, Kathy!!

  3. Thanks, Susan and Gerrie for commenting!

  4. Your work looks fabulous in the display case. I also love the collage you did at the retreat!

  5. I’ll have to go by the library. It’s off of First Avenue – not street! Anyway, I’ll make a point to go by there before the end of the month. And I do like that collage. Neat!

  6. Hey Kathy! Your mixed media piece is great! I see a new art form coming from you!! You are such a talented lady! Is there anything you don’t do well? haha
    Your art looks fabulous in the cases! These retreats sound like so much fun.

    I just got my tomato seed in the mail last week! Look out!

  7. Connie, Thanks for commenting….which reminds me..I need to get over to your blog!

  8. Hey, Jaime, thanks, but I can think of one thing I don’t do well…organizing my piles! Just ask my husband. :=)

  9. Kathy, your journal page is beautiful, and the exhibit you hung looks sooo interesting … wish I could see it in person!

  10. The library exhibit is wonderful. The display is a great set up – I’m going to look at my library in a new way!

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