I haven’t blogged here since November 4th…how can this be?  I guess I’ve just been busy.

First I was out of town for several days vending at a quilt show in Columbia, MO.  I just want to give a great big thank you to the girls of the Boonslick Quilt guild….they did a great job…their show was awesome…and they were so helpful to the vendors.  And believe me I needed help.  Having never been to Columbia, I was lost as a goose trying to get around and find my hotel room.  The problem lay with the fact that I misread the map.  I was beginning to think I was going crazy.

Here’s my booth set up.

I was very pleased with my sales.  I had a wonderful Mexican meal and margarita on Saturday night with some of the vendors, made new friends, then drove half way home and stayed the night with my friend Vicki.  We had a wonderful visit together (hope it was for her too) and then I came home on Monday.  It was a great weekend.  It was just a very fulfilling weekend.  Maybe I need to get out more?

Then the race was on to get ready for Select Collections.  I still had plenty of sewing to do since I was making table runners and table napkins from hand printed cloth.  I also finished two new pieces of art.  Here’s one.  I need to photograph them both now that they are finished.  This is Fragments #5b.  That’s right, 5b.  And there’s a #5a and #5c, but that will have to wait.  The reason for the odd numbering is because all three are from the same piece of cloth and actually FIT together, although one would never have to purchase them that way.  They measure approximately 17″x 14″.

On the second day of Select Collections I had to leave to go home for the holiday celebrations with families.  We were gone til Monday.  On the actual Thanksgiving we helped out at our church and my husband had a long weekend off work.  The most I got done is some cleaning and laundry.  The following week (this week) I made a trip back to Evansville to do some shopping and pick up all of my work from Select Collections.  I am now settling in and doing some ART!!!  Yeh!  About. Time.

Of course this coming weekend is Christmas in Harmony.  Find me and other artisans at the lovely Granary on Granary Street.


  1. Funny how when we’re busy time flies! Your booth looks great and I know how much work that is. Good luck at the Granary.

  2. Thanks Susan!

  3. Both set ups look so different and wonderful.
    Glad you did well at the one show. I know you are busy because you always have new fabrics to show.

  4. Hi Robin, I am working on wall pieces now…I don’t have much to do for this weekend and next weekend…so I am working on art. I might have to dye some scarves for next weekend, but probably not much more than that. I didn’t sell much at Select Collections, so have lots of inventory.

  5. I’m wild about the blue, green and orange quilt in the first picture. Love the patterns as much as the colors. Merry Christmas! You do such lovely work (make such gorgeous art?) – a feast for my eyes.

  6. Thanks, Trece. That is a pattern of my own design (it’s pretty simple) using my hand dyed fabrics. There’s pink in there too…love pink and orange together. Merry Christmas to you too!

  7. Love the Fragments!! I can’t wait to see 5a and 5c.

  8. Hi Lisa, Thanks for leaving a comment! 5a is actually done…I really should post it and 5c needs some color “tweaking” before I layer and stitch. (That red dye didn’t leave its mark on the whole piece so now I am trying to add it..but first, I have to figure out what red that was.) This is a fun series…I see many in my future.

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