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I’m such a slacker on this blog!  I really didn’t have much of anything interesting to report.  I have been getting ready to teach and vend, so have not been making any art, that’s for sure.  I have some new products to sell and the class I taught last weekend was machine quilting.  What’s there to say about that?

I do have a sample that I quilted with my Featherweight machine.  That might be interesting to see.

none 201

A complaint I have about stitching this way on the Featherweight, and it may be a problem unique only to mine and not to other machines, is that when the needle goes down in the hole a second time, a pretty noticeable knot appears (at least with black thread on white cloth).  But I made the sample to show my class that it is possible to do this on a Featherweight.

I love Kathy Sandbach’s books on machine quilting.  The one I used for the class was Show Me How To Machine Quilt.  She has developed a method of creating unique continuous line designs in stitch for quilts with diagrams showing how to start and continue. It’s a great book especially if you are looking to go beyond stippling and other filler designs. I have some left over from the class.  They are $16.95 plus shipping.  They are not up on the website yet.

KathySandbach book

Another piece of news:  I now have Rayna Gillman’s book for sale on my website!  See here.

Rayna's book

Well, I guess that’s all for today…hopefully it won’t be so long between posts this time!


  1. I am amazed that you did that quilting on a Featherweight~!

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for leaving a comment…yes you can do free form quilting on a Featherweight! But like I said, I’m not happy with that knot problem on mine.

  3. Hi, thought you might be interested in knowing that some of Kathy Sandbach’s quilts are available on ebay. She has a debilitating condition called FrontalTemporal Dementia and her children are selling off her quilts to defray costs of Assisted living care

    Right now there are only 3 or 4 quilts available but if the auctions go well, they have as many as 100 more quilts to post on eBay.

    Wiarm quilt hugs, sue in CA

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