I’m In To Pottery

I dig pottery pieces.  The potters I know make very artistic work.  They play with colors and patterns and textures.  I usually buy small bowls that are experimental work and soap dishes.  The soap dishes are so much more though; they can be used for spoon rests too. Here are a couple I just bought.  These are by Tom Wintczak from Bee Tree Pottery in Indiana.

The back is pretty cool too.

And the back…

I love Tom’s work!

And for an update on potato chip scarves…here is a new one I just finished in Sensations Angel Hair yarn.  It is 22% wool, 50% acrylic, and 28% nylon.  It is soft and a bit fuzzy, fun and warm to wear.


  1. I agree, those pottery pieces are very unique. I bet a candle would look pretty on them too. Another idea might be a landing place for a cell phone, keys or jewelry. And your scarf is lovely, is this a niece’s Christmas gift?

  2. Those would make great soap dishes. And that scarf! Beautiful! You are so talented.

  3. No, Susan, this is mine…unless someone talks me into selling it!
    Yes, good candleholder too and I do use one for a catchall.
    Thanks Lynda. Tom’s work is awesome. I know the Courier has done articles on him before…he has been around for a while.

  4. Hi Kathy! I too love Tom’s work and he is so gracious and friendly. Just a great guy. Your potato chip scarves are wonderful!

  5. Thanks Jaime!

  6. These are lovely pottery pieces and I love that the underside is so decorative. I’m a little inspired to do something simple like this with textiles.

  7. Beautiful pottery. I agree the backs are great. I think I would hang them on the wall with the back facing out!

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