I’m Cleaning Today…

It’s time to clean up all my jars and bottles and throw out  old dye solution that I was saving for whenever. Whenever came and went and I still haven’t used it. I did pause this morning thinking how much paper I could dye with all of it, but, since I couldn’t see myself dyeing paper all day, out it went. Time to get organized and cleaned up! I am preparing for a dyeing, painting and printing class for the artisan’s shop. I need to make some samples and plan the dye painting/printing part of the class. The class is scheduled for all day Saturday September 6.

If any of you ever buy those tie dye kits from Walmart, don’t throw out those wonderful plastic bottles with the tapered tips. If you don’t want them, give them to your favorite dyer! I saved a bunch from last year’s dyeing spree at kid’s camp. These are wonderful to have on hand for squirting dye in a small stream.

I mixed up the chem water and thickened it to make the paint. Now that I have my new little refrigerator from the back-to-school department of Walmart, I have a place to store the paint. It is the perfect size.

Two pieces I painted this morning before it got hot. Some stripes….

…and then stamping with a wide foam brush and syringe squiggles.

That’s all I got done today…had other things to do. I plan on spending more time painting in the morning. It has really turned off very hot here this week. These pieces are batching nicely in a discarded plastic shower curtain in the patio. Oh, did I tell you I save plastic shower curtain liners? I use them to cover my tables with when I’m working. And they wash up nicely in the washing machine.


  1. I am cleaning up old dye messes, too. But I am not going to have time to mix up new stuff and work on anything. I just have my rust dyeing to ten to!! I like the orange piece.

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