Flow #8

The series keeps on going…at least so far…

Machine free form stitching, hand blanket stitching, running stitch, paint, inks, Mykonos ceramic beads and seed beads

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  1. Beautiful, Katherine!

  2. sweet… and in the cool way, not the gooey way 😉
    how was the market last Saturday?

  3. This is really wonderful katherine! I am in love with all the hand stitching!

  4. This is so wonderful. How did you paint/dye this fabric? The colors are so well chosen.

  5. Thanks Patty. Yeh, I am getting into a groove with mixing machine and hand stitching as it makes a nice contrast.

  6. Hi Corynna, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I have to be honest…this cloth is actually a paint rag. It’s a piece of cotton that I clean my brushes with. And it might be a mix of dyes and paints…I can’t remember. I enjoy my paint rags the most because sometimes there is so much one can do with them. They are the basis for the “Flow” series that I am working on.
    I also used Tsukineko’s Fabrico markers to add others colors to this. This piece didn’t have enough variation of colors. The inks were used to color in areas after the machine stitching was done.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous–definitelty a flowing piece! NICE combo of machine and hand stitch!

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