Dryer Sheets….

Thanks to everyone who has made a guess.  I plan to announce the winner and final total at 6 p.m. central  time.  27 of you left a number.  You still have time as of this writing if you haven’t posted one.

Here are some pictures of some of the individual sheets.  You could lay these out flat and paint them and get more paint on them.  For my use, I don’t want a block of color, but just a bit of color and transparency for layering. They can still have paint added to them as well as stamping, and I’m even wondering how they would take a gel medium photo transfer…hmmmm, I may have to try that!


  1. the dryer sheets lend themselves to gel medium transfers incredibly well… the paper just rolls off without comprimising the integrity of the image…

    some transfer mediums are too soft and move , thus distorting the image somewhat (unless that is what you are striving for … wink)

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