Christmas Stockings…

…for everyone!  This is a kitty Christmas stocking.  A friend from church posted a picture on Facebook of these, but got them a long time ago.  Therefore, she could not tell us where to get them.  So I went and made my own version, using red fleece and some furry white felt (I forgot the name of it). Joann’s didn’t have fur in white; that would have been nice.

Got new glasses this past weekend.

The piece of artwork I was working on has fallen by the wayside.  Maybe I will just paint over the whole thing and start over.  Geesh, I hate it when I get lost on work…seems like it takes forever to come back to it and get somewhere.

Yesterday, I trimmed out the fleece and cut the edges of a blanket for my niece.  It’s two layers of fleece and the edges are tied.  I only tied three sides and I think I will stitch one end instead.  That will be the top of the blanket.

Art fair coming up this weekend and studio tour the next weekend, but I’m not getting any more art done…however I am getting all my Christmas shopping and birthday shopping done, so that’s good.  Today I may piddle around with some small ideas for handmade gifts.  And I have one more rag quilt to make. Next week I will prepare my entry for Form Not Function for shipping…and perhaps ship it as well!

The December/January issue of Quilting Arts is chock full of exciting articles (at least they are for me).  I can’t wait to dive in to them and try some new things.


  1. Hi Kathy! I bet you could sell those pet stockings like crazy. I hope you’ve made some to take to Christmas in New Harmony. I hope to stop by and see you then. ~Jaime

  2. Ok kathy I loveeee the stocking and the glass are perfect for your face!!

  3. Hi Jaime, I only have enough red fleece to make 6 at this point, but that might be enough. I am decorating with a 4 ft tree so might just hang them on it!
    Thanks Julie! Hope you are getting everything done for holidays.

  4. The kitty stocking is adorable. Anyone with a cat would love to hang one of those, maybe even more than one. And I too LOVE the glasses!

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