Catching Up

On Friday, February 11th, after 3 attempts to go, I finally made it to Form, Not Function at the Carnegie in New Albany, IN. A friend and I first visited Jane Dunnewold’s wonderful exhibit, Etudes: A Daily Practice on display in Louisville, KY at the Hite Art Institute. We enjoyed that very much, then went to New Albany to find the Mexican restaurant, which had moved, before we went to Form Not Function.  I love Jane’s work. It was an awesome day and I really should do that more often. It just reminded me that I don’t get out enough!

Back to life at home….my husband and I went out to eat at an awesome Mexican restaurant the next night in Marion.  Can you tell I like Mexican? Here’s what I got…Don Sol’s Fajitas.

The salsa was excellent and there was enough food to take home for lunch on Sunday!  The restaurant is Don Sol’s in Marion, IL.  If you are in the area try it!

Last week I painted dryer sheets.

This week I ironed them.

This week I painted sky fabrics.

And dyed all of these things.

Cotton and rayon circular scarves, jumbo cotton rick rack and a bunch of onesies.  Walmart now sells organic cotton onesies made by Faded Glory.  They are so nice and soft.

Well, that’s my week so far.  I have more to do before the Bloomington, IN quilt show next week.


  1. I don’t know which looks better, the fajitas or that lovely giant ric-rac!

  2. Ha ha! Hard choice, I know…

  3. Busy Bee you are!! Love the dye and the jumbo rickrack – Wow!!

  4. Thanks, Lynda!

  5. Kathy, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. I must at admit that I was surprised to see a fantastic Mexican feast at the top of your blog, but I know we all have to eat. You certainly have a wealth of information on this blog. I am originally from St. Louis and used to belong the the South County Art Assoc.

  6. Wow, you HAVE been busy!!!
    I am working on a project, and with your love for art journaling, I thought of you. Perhaps you would like to join?

    • I checked into your project. At this moment, I am unable to give full attention to anything other than my schedule. When I get these shows done, I may come back and look at it again. Thanks for coming by and reading and commenting.

  7. Now THAT’s busy! I almost thought you dyed the fajitas, but not quite! That’s a lot of dying, ironing and working–and what wonderful results you get!

  8. i love the idea of painting/dying dryer sheets to incorporate into mixed media projects!

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