Bye Bye 2009

I planned to blog on both of my blogs today, since it is the last day of 2009.  I am actually doing that (in a way), but I have run out of time to say anything significant.  I have been preparing for company coming tonight, which means I’ve been cleaning and cooking…sooo here’s wishing all my readers a wonderful, creative New Year.  In  the midst of all my activities today, I did see a pattern emerge on the wax paper after I pulled all my chocolate dipped pretzels off of it.  I had to take a picture.  I’ll post a pic later…gotta go…good bye 2009…you  have been a very full year.  Hello 2010, I am looking forward to what you will bring…


  1. What a lovely way to end my blogging year, but ‘meeting’ a new creative blogger. I enjoy the lovely works people do with their hands. Your work on the sidebar looks wonderful…. I’ll have to come and take a closer peak after the New Year.

    Saw your link at Mirror of Grace.

    Blessings and wonderful treasures for 2010! Brenda

  2. Happy New Year to you too!! Have a great evening!!! Hugs!! I am telling you we have to do lunch!!!

  3. Hi Brenda, It’s always nice to have a new admirer of my art! Thanks and wishes for a wonderful new year 2010 to you too.
    Yes, Julie, we must do lunch sometime…my week will be pretty busy next week. I am preparing to go to the opening exhibit where one of my art pieces got in….exciting times!

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