Back To Work…

After a few days out of town with one day on the lake….

Barkley Lake Vac. 043

…I am back getting to work…time is short as I have a show in less than two weeks.  I spent Sunday evening and yesterday getting some cloth ready to make into little bags…it was fun getting back to  surface design and matching zippers to the cloth…some samples but there is more…

none 001

I am starting to list my bags in my  etsy shop here if you want to shop.


  1. They are all so so cute!

  2. Hey thanks, Robin…they are pretty fun to make and not getting too boring…yet! Yesterday I quilted and sewed 5 together. I have 8 more sandwiched and ready to stitch…so I wil be back at it today…maybe I can get 6 done today. That would be good. Need to make more to go to Decatur. I want to make more on the discharged black cotton…I think they are very cool.

  3. So, it looks like you had the lake to yourself. Are you intending to do something creative with the photo to remember your trip?

  4. I’m not thinking of anything at this time in particular, Susan! Too busy right now, sewing, sewing, sewing…!

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