Tuesday This ‘N That…

The holiday is over.  I didn’t get to do my usual ritual since we left town to go visit with families.  My usual 4th of July celebration consists of reading an old American history book and remembering the sacrifices of those who rebelled against an oppressive government, so that a new way of life, a new freedom of expression and of living, could be established in our country, the United States.  I marvel at their bravery and wonder, if called upon, could I do the same?  Considering the history of our country is something I feel I need to do at least once a year, and usually my husband is working on the holiday, so that affords me the time to do it.

But this year we went home, since my sister was coming in from Texas.  We spent a day with his family and a day with mine before driving home on Saturday evening.  I took some things to work on and think about and my sketchbook, in case there were any idle moments.  I have been reading the book by Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and had not really tried any of the exercises yet.  So, on Friday night, I set my mother-in-law’s salt and pepper shakers in front of me and proceeded to do some almost blind  contour drawing.  I  see the possibilities of using these drawings for abstract work.  I highly recommend this book.

Today I have been outside in my “wet studio” (patio) screening and stamping silk scarves with dye paint for a different look.  I am planning and looking forward to a productive week!

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