Shopping, Shopping…

It’s January, the typical month when retail sales slow down because everyone has spent for Christmas and now the credit card bills are coming due….but a girl still needs things…

I ventured out in the cold yesterday to go do some errands in Evansville (namely shopping).  Dick Blick…I need paints and a little stock up on some screenprinting inks I’ve been trying out.  Then I need to stock up on batting as I just might start layering and stitching some pieces that are laying around here.  Off to Bernina to pick up a new free form embroidery foot I ordered.  I feel like I need a back up foot since the plastic quilting foot I have now already has a slight crack in it…it could go any time because I free form stitch so fast.  Then to Sew Tech to deliver a class sample and supply list. (Yes, I will get it listed on the class page soon).  While there I purchased something to help me organize.  This is usually what my side table space looks like…bobbins and loose strings everywhere, some in the drawer, some laying out.

Enter Clover to the rescue with the Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Tower.  The box says “Neatly organizes 30 bobbins”.  We’ll see.  Here is what it looks like.

And yes, it will hold 30 bobbins…I have now loaded it with 29!  It will hold plastic or the metal ones.  My bobbins are the wider metal ones.  And no strings hanging everywhere.  This is a pretty clever tool. Leave it to Clover to come up with it; they ARE the gadget people!

You ever notice what the sales are in January?  They are on item to help you organize  your life…big plastic totes, under the bed totes to store all your Christmas stuff, organizing bins for your tax records, etc.  I’m starting the year off right by buying this little bobbin tower…! I feel so organized right now.

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