Let’s Talk About Paint

I have been wanting to blog my observations about the Adirondack paint that I recently purchased. I love, love, love, the Adirondack Dabbers. I got those in Chicago. This is acrylic paint with a sponge dabber in the lid. You simply turn the bottle upside down and “dab” the paint onto your stamp or whatever. The two colors I purchased, Espresso and Lettuce, are very rich, and I am looking for more of those.

At Paducah I was looking for more of the dabbers, but did not find them. I did find Adirondack acrylics. Thinking these were the same as the paint in the dabbers, I purchased them (and they were half off). I reasoned that I could just use my own dabbers. They wouldn’t have quite the convenience of the others, but I could make do. These paints turned out to be metallic, and I was quite surprised because I did think I was purchasing the same kind of paint. There was nothing in the labeling to indicate that they were anything but regular acrylics, so a word to the wise…but they are nice thick paints.

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