Has Anyone Seen One of These Lately?


Have you seen one of these lately?  My husband and I went on a little drive back in September, before he got busy in harvest.  We came across this telephone booth out in the middle of nowhere.  I was struck by the fact that you don’t see these any more and so I had to photograph it for posterity’s sake.  It has gone the way of the rotary phone, old farming implements, and other things that our modern economy doesn’t use any more due to massive improvements.  It is now a memento of a different era.  With these pictures, I can explain to my nieces and nephew that, before there were cell phones, there were pay phones and phone booths scattered all over the place so that people could use the phone when they were away from home.  That should be a good story.  Ahhh…the times, they are a’changing.

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