Friday This ‘N That…

It has been a strange week since I got back from the E-town show. I have been tired, interested in nothing, and wondering what I will do next. I did finish some work on a textural collage on canvas, but other than that, I can really report that I did next to nothing, creatively. There has been discussion on some of the other blogs about down time, thinking time. I think that is where I have been. I have wanted to work creatively, but ideas didn’t really come, not in a cohesive way. For the two weeks prior to leaving for the show, I was totally focused on working, making samples and getting everything in order for the trip. I did manage to get there with most of my samples, all except for one. Now, mind you, I wear two hats. This was a retail quilt show I was vending at, so the focus is different than an art event, but it requires everything from my mind.

I did go to Evansville today to pick up my pieces from the textile exhibit. There was interest in one piece, Southwest Impressions, but no buyer yet. And there was talk of the possibility of a client wanting proposals for a commission. We shall see. I am not getting too excited yet. My brain just can’t go there!

But I do think I am in that foggy place in my mind of resting…and possibly, renewal. I also describe is as “floating”. Of waiting for new ideas, which were already coming today, and may be a direction I will pursue. I am reluctant to talk to people very much this week. I want to be left alone. Please don’t require something from me. I was scheduled to teach the little kids at church Wednesday night, so I had to brainstorm something for that. The children are sweet and I love doing that.

I used to date a guy, who shall remain nameless, who used to say to me…”Wherever you are, be there.” So I guess that’s what I’m doing this week…just being where I am…and then, not sure where the next place might be. I’m sure all of you creative souls out there in blog land can relate.

"Vines and Berries" in the Members Textile Exhibition

“Vines and Berries” in the Members Textile Exhibit

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