A Visit to the Sewing Machine Repair Guy

A couple of Saturdays ago, I made a trip to take my Singer 99k, purchased for (ahem) $1 at a yard sale a few years ago, to get a checkup and cleaning. I had to drive just under an hour because there is no one around here who does this kind of work anymore, which is sad.

Anyway, here is my Singer 99k. It sews great. This one doesn’t have the hand crank to make it work without electricity, but I found a place online that has created a hand crank to add to it if you want to use it without electricity. Not sure I will do that, but it does look kind of cool.


Isn’t’ it pur-ty? I am going to use some car wax on it and really shine it up. The repair guy says he doesn’t see the 99k hardly ever. It’s pretty much a workhorse machine, according to sources I read. So now she is working at her finest.

I took this photo of the sign the repair guy uses. I like this sign.


Pretty cool, huh?

We also visited some greenhouses ran by Amish families in that neighborhood.

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