Wednesday This N’ That

Ahhh… feels good to be home and working in the, ahem, “studio” (aka the 9’x 9′ shrinking spare bedroom). The Arts In Harmony art festival is this coming weekend. I have been experimenting with some ideas, altering fabric, and going back to some pieces that have been started, but somewhere along the way I had gotten lost and did not finish it. First, the cloth, because it led to what I did with an unfinished piece.

I took this rather dark clean-the-brush-cloth….

….and turned it into this….

…took this fabric….

…and turned it into this.

See my new stamps in there?

I started this piece back in the winter (not so long ago). It is mostly painted dryer sheets, but there is some cheesecloth and scrim and painted fusible web in it too. I got to a place where I was not satisfied, but lost interest or got busy with other things. It needed more….more depth…more something.

Yesterday, I gave it a go using the same technique I did on the cloth. When you are a week away from a show, starting new work is not an option because of the time factor, but pulling out unfinished pieces and finishing them is! A show is a great motivator for getting stuff done.

I am much happier with it. I’m not sure it is done, but it sure is better!


  1. The stamping sure does add nice subtle depth to the pieces.
    I really like the 2nd one with all the orange in it….imagine that:)
    Good luck at the show!!!!! Robin

  2. Thanks, Robin. Concerning the show, someone has written a column coming out Sunday in the Evansville paper that mentions my Leaf piece and has a link to my website. How about that!

  3. You are making me feel lazy. I am getting work ready for an arts fesival at our church, but I am just restretching a piece and making the back look better and doing the required labeling. I had to pull some stuff from my inventory.

    What are you stamping with – paint? color?

  4. The pieces really looked amazing after adding in the stamps! The third one seems to still need something but can’t put my finger on it. Swirls keep popping up in my mind or something meandering through the piece to pull it all together. But what do I know . . .
    Good luck with your show!

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