Tuesday This ‘N That…

Here is the piece I started the other day. The quilt is red orange and blue green.  So I used blue green rayon thread on the red orange part and red orange thread on the blue green part.  I quilted a pattern and left parts of it unquilted, which, in the end, made another design, because the unquilted parts “pouf” a bit.  Can you see the “stripes” in the red part?


They are very subtle… if you click to enlarge, you might see it better.



Full view.dsc043222

I’m not sure that it’s done…I was thinking of doing something in those “poufs” but I don’t think I want big contrast, so I may just let it be.

On another note, I am working on a lecture/demo on Journal Quilt techniques.  This is a sample I did today using painted fusible web and dryer sheets on a gessoed quilt block.  The two metal pieces aren’t attached, but I like the looks of them.  I may use them…I may not.  I’ve been hoarding them because I couldn’t get any more.


I shut the phone off today.  I can’t stand it when it rings while I am trying to concentrate.  And I only have two weeks left to plan this lecture and workshop.  I have to be able to think.  So I left a very polite message that I was working very hard on a class and wouldn’t be able to answer the phone today…it was heaven.

New thermofax screens arrived in the mail today…then I remembered…I forgot to send her toner copies.  Well…they still worked…printed on my Epson inkjet printer.  I guess there is carbon in that there black ink.  Lucky day for me indeed.


  1. Loving the Red/Green piece! I like the way you did horizontal lines on one half and vertical on the other.
    I could see a line of beaded fringe off the b/w stripe…but that is my addiction:)

  2. What you can’t see very well in these pictures, especially the blue-green area, is that the areas that AREN’T quilted form a design too. In the red area the unquilted “stripes” show up, but in the green it is hard to see in photos. Now that I am some time away from making this….I am thinking of a possibly radical change….perhaps some discharge paste brushed lightly on it for some depth? Could be interesting, but I have some trepidation…still no name for it yet. As for the discharge paste, I expect I will go for it at some point…that’s just how I am.

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